I am not going to lie, I really miss going to optical shows. The last time I went to a show was back in January 2020 which feels like a lifetime ago now. I also miss travelling, I know I can travel but you know what, with all the COVID rules in place, to me it just feels like a chore rather than something I’d enjoy. It doesn’t really feel like something to look forward to at the moment. Therefore, I choose to stay put until things are a little calmer.

Anyway, that of course doesn’t stop optical shows from around the globe happening. Many shows have re-started this year and the latest one that just took place was DaTE over in Florence in Italy.

The show took place on 14th September 2021. The 9th edition of DaTE, an event focused on the eyewear of the future and to no surprise the show organisers saw a sharp increase in attendance, compared to the previous edition. I think now everyone just wants to get back to normal and get back to business, plus with no big shows taking place yet the smaller scale shows are becoming more popular.

Almost 1,500 eyewear professionals and select buyers visited the DaTE, exceeding expectations and emphasising the importance of in-person events for the industry. With 130 Italian and international brands, the event reconfirmed itself as a key resource for the entire eyewear industry which, in Italy, brings in about 4 billion euros in turnover, and employs a workforce of 18,000.

People do like to attend shows, I for one love them. Glasses are a physical product that you need to touch and try on. I personally cannot wait to attend a show once things have calmed down a bit, but in the meantime, it is only reading about them and looking at images of the show for me!