If you have been following me on social media then you may have come across a few posts about me moving away from monthly contact lenses to dailies. By the way, yes, I do wear contact lens as well. For me, I like to have the option of switching between the two and during the summer period, I like to have the option of wearing as many pairs of sunglasses as possible. Ha!

Before you all go off thinking I am some sort of eco-warrior, I’m not, but in my everyday life, I like to be more mindful of everything I use and consume. I try my best to reduce the impact I have on the environment as much as possible. Hence in the past I have stuck to using monthly contact lenses. It is a less wasteful option because I have always felt throwing away a tiny bits plastic every single day is unnecessary.

However, I now have a real dilemma in that I need to switch to dailies because I had some eye ulcers. My optician feels it is better for my eye health if I switch to dailies to reduce chance of bacteria building up.

Monthly contact lenses have been in my life for nearly 20 years now and I’ve never had any problems, so I don’t really actually understand why I have to switch. At the same time, I do not want to “chance it” because it is my eye health after all. I have been searching and searching and really there isn’t any true eco friendly contact lenses available. I found two brands that are slightly better which are Bio medic by CooperVision and Bio true by Bausch & Lomb. However, when I dig deeper. It doesn’t actually really explain why they are more eco friendly than normal. I literally have zero clue. My guess on this is the process used to make them is perhaps better? Who knows.

My quest to find something more environmentally friendly is still on. Yes, as everyone keeps telling me, you can now recycle the contact lenses and the pods they come in but I am conscious of how much chemicals and resources are needed to recycle these tiny little bits of plastic. Just because they can be recycled it doesn’t mean it is all ok. Personally I’d just rather not cause the problem to start with.

Currently, I am trailing Bio medic and Bio True, two very different brands, one is more of an entry level and one is more high end. Let’s see how I get on. This dailies contact lens post is to be continued.