Last Thursday 14th October 2021, I was invited to attend my first optical event since the pandemic began back in March 2019. It was so lovely to attend an event, see people. Seeing familiar faces again and just to do something that feels so normal was lovely. It was indeed a fabulous evening celebrating Millmead Optical Group turning 75.

Millmead's timeline of products

Millmead’s timeline of products

Millmead Optical Group 75th Anniversary

Millmead Optical Group 75th Anniversary

From Optoplast to Millmead Optical Group

In the optical sector they were previously known as Optoplast, but because the business has grown and expanded so much that is has now merged into what it now Millmead Optical Group. It is actually quite funny because before attending the event I found a photobooth picture I had from when they held an event to celebrate their 70th, when it was Optoplast. Now, here we are, 5 years later and the business is going stronger than ever even during the very challenging times that we are currently in.

Millmead's 75th anniversary party in full swing

Millmead’s 75th anniversary party in full swing

During the event, they gave us a teaser of what is to come for 2022. With some eco friendly eyewear ranges and eco friendly glasses cases. The environmental issue is of course becoming more and more of a popular subject and consumers are reacting to it. Therefore, brands need to be proactive and meet the demands of consumers in the coming years. As well as seeing the eco range, I also saw some of the old favourites such as Walter & Hebert and their super cool engineered brand, Reykjavik Eyes.

To the Next Five Years

It was a lovely evening, great to see some familiar faces, do something that feels normal and I am looking forward to see what Millmead Optical Group has got in store for the next 5 years. I am looking forward to their 80th anniversary already 😉

All photos from this blog post were taken by Photographer London.