I have always liked Kirk & Kirk as a brand. When I started my blogging journey back in 2011, the founder Jason Kirk was also one of the very first people I spoke to within the optical industry. He is such a nice and genuine guy with a strong passion for eyewear, and the optical industry as a whole.

I have always followed the Kirk & Kirk journey but yes, perhaps I haven’t been talking about them on the blog as much but it is not because I don’t like them anymore. It is just because they do not fit my Asian nose. I have a pair which I love, but I simply cannot wear them due to the nose fitting being just too wide. I guess because I don’t wear them, I feel I cannot always give a fair comment on the wearability. I personally feel it is important to be able to wear the glasses to give them a fair review or comment.

Nevertheless, I do love Kirk & Kirk as a brand, they offer some amazing colours that I can only dream of wearing.  The quality is fantastic. They are plastic frames but not the usual acetate, they are acrylic, hence the colours are so vibrant, crips and sharp. They’re completely different to acetate.

This new Centiles Collection were inspired by the embodiment of strength and power, to counter the sense of vulnerability and weakness we have all felt during the last two years in the pandemic. Jason Kirk wanted to  create frames that immediately put you in a superhero state of mind. To help with that, all the names of the frames in this collection are super hero related.

Kirk & Kirk Launch new Centiles collection

Kirk & Kirk Launch new Centiles Collection

This collection is the first for Kirk & Kirk to combine the two-toned colour pattern made popular in the Kaleidoscope range with the chunky presence of the 10mm thickness used in the Centena Collection.

“Marrying these two elements into one frame was challenging, and took us two years to get right,”

said Jason Kirk.

“The hand-crafted nature of the manufacturing process means that each frame has a slight variation in the colour pattern, meaning that no two frames are exactly alike.”

Despite the chunky appearance, this bold silhouette weighs next to nothing and is super comfortable to wear as it is made from Kirk & Kirk’s unique signature Italian acrylic, a bio-degradable material that took several years to develop.

My favourite name within the collection is definitely Thor, but my favourite style within the collection is most certainly Lotus. The sharp lines down the side, gives this traditional retro catseye shape a new dimension.

Go and give them a look here.