Now winter is here in the UK, the days gets shorter and the sky just seems to be grey most of the time. It can feel a bit dull. In the winter period, I always find it is the perfect season to really inject some colour into our wardrobe. Whether it is with our clothes, accessories or of course glasses!

Whenever I think about colourful eyewear, the first brand that springs to mind is Ronit Furst. I know there are many vibrant eyewear brands out there but Ronit Furst’s level of colourful glasses is just in a league of its own. The frames are never just one colour and that is what I love about them. It is a very unique selling point of Ronit Furst.

Ronit Furst Studio Collection

Ronit Furst Studio Collection

Last week Ronit Furst released a brand new Studio Collection. What is so different about the Studio Collection? Well, the tone of the colours is slightly different and for some of you die hard fans out there, you may have noticed the price is difference too. That is because the Studio collection is not a hand painted range unlike the original collection.

If you want to step into the world of colourful eyewear but may not necessarily have the budget to splash out on the hand painted range, then give the new Ronit Furst Studio Collection a try. Once you have tried a pair of colourful frames, you may never look back and may never want to just wear a plain black fame ever again.

Check out the Studio collection by clicking here.  My favourites within the collection so far are definitely the two I am showing you in this blog post. The lilac is divine, I am a sucker for a lilac frame. They are style ST214 colour R39 and the green pair in the header image is a great striking shape. The colour combination is also perfection, they are style ST215 colour R34. Go and check them out.