Beauty lies in the perspective of the beholder, or at least it does with the multi-dimensional new STEPPER EYEWEAR SI-30174. This is a frame of many attractive qualities; whatever your viewpoint.

Aesthetically, the TX5 front has been moulded to replicate the polished faces of a gemstone. The effect appears beautifully crafted and its light-catching properties result in a distinctive sophistication.

Combined with simple bevelled Titanium temples and presented in a monocolour with a mixture of gloss and matte across the materials this newcomer is a head-turner.

STEPPER - Beautiful from all Angles

STEPPER – Beautiful from all Angles

“A frame has to be multifunctional,” comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK. “The extrinsic needs of eyewear, that makes you look and feel good, as well as the intrinsic ability to hold a lens correctly in front of the eye whilst benefitting daylong comfort, isn’t an easy art.”

With the appeal of the SI-30174 being so multifaceted, the frame’s innovation and technology (that underpin all STEPPER EYEWEAR) can easily be forgotten. Advanced, lightweight materials (the frame weighs just 14.1g), a renowned STEPPER design bridge and hypoallergenic materials add to its functional beauty.

“There is so much about this frame to admire”, adds Peter. “But the best way to appreciate its beauty is to try it on.”

The SI-30174 comes in three colour variations to appeal to a range of skin tones and wardrobe palettes.

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