MGAM Recommends…

So, here is the thing. I have been raving about Asian fit glasses and encouraging people to get a good pair of frames that fit. It is just the foundation of how comfortable you will be as a wearer. The rest is down to your dispensing optician (DO), doing their job making sure your glasses sit on your face as they should and taking the all the important measurements.

I personally have had experience of ill dispensed glasses, where once my prescription lenses were fitted and I tried my new glasses on, I could see much out of them. They made my eyes feel funny and gave me a headache. This was definitely down to the dispensing optician not done their job properly when I originally purchased my glasses. This has only happened twice. Once was before I started my blog but it did happen for a second time when I had the bespoke service at Tom Davies. Not what I expected at all.

Anyway, if you’ve have had similar experience in your glasses wearing life like me, then click on this link. It will take you to an article written by a dispensing optician for NZOptics. It will explain everything you need to know.