On the blog, I have probably not spoken much on glasses accessories and focused more on the eyewear itself. There is no particular reason as to why I don’t cover accessories much, it is simply because I have not come across something that wows me yet. The accessories that are available on the market just aren’t quite cool enough. Something is missing, it feels like it is the same ole stuff to me.

Those that have been following me on social know I have very recently moved house. Now, this moving process was extremely stressful but also fun in some ways because I have found SO many pairs of forgotten glasses. My problem now is, I have zero clue how to store them. storing glasses is like an art form. I was doing some glasses storage solutions research online and coincidentally, a press releases landed in my inbox on this brand called DIFFUSER.

Diffuser Tokyo Glasses Stand

Diffuser Tokyo Glasses Stand

They do some super stylish and chic glasses cases and what I was most interested in was the glasses stand and the pentagonal prism case. It is the nicest I have seen from my search online but my problem is, neither of those products will solve my glasses storage solution at home because I simply have too many. However, the pentagonal prism will be great for holidays or days out because I always carry more than one pair of glasses and I also carry my daughters sunglasses too.

Diffuser Tokyo Pentaganol Prism Case

Diffuser Tokyo Pentagonal Prism Case

I love the glasses stand, I can see that sitting on my bedside table at night. Pop my glasses into their own cosy little home at night and when I wake up, they are right there and have been protected too. No need to pop them into a case and then having the drama of opening the case to get my glasses out whilst everything looks blurry.

DIFFUSER is available from leading fashion, lifestyle, concept stores and luxury independent opticians world-wide. Check them out online right here.