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In the UK, life is heading back to normality. Life before the pandemic that lots of people been dreaming about but for some, heading back to normality is daunting. Such as heading back into the office, no more zoom meeting. You actually have to sit infront of a real life person for real.

Hands up who feel their fashion has changed since the pandemic began? Who feels they may have gone more daring with the top half of their body because that is what is mainly on show during those zoom meetings? Am I hearing a yes? Finally, hands up who gone more bold with their eyewear because of the zoom meeting? If so, I hear you and can you still go as bold with your glasses, now life is heading back to normal? The answer is absolutely yes!

Ronit Furst got some handy suggestions for you all. First of all pick a frame shape you feel comfortable in and happy wearing. Then it is deciding on what colour suits you and finally, if you really cannot find anything. You can use the Custom Match service from Ronit Furst.

In Ronit Furst’s opinion, going bolder in shapes and colours is a great way to make a statement with your eyewear. Now, it is even better because people can see them on you for real life and not just through a screen. Follow the link and read the full blog post here by Ronit Furst and get some ideas for yourself.