Which Face Mask?

Space mask, have you heard of it? I was first introduced to Space Mask by a friend and I was immediately in love with it. It is a self heating eye mask that I find really helps to keep my bags and any puffiness at bay. I find them to be excellent in helping my eyes feel rejuvenated. It is ideal for me because since stepping into motherhood, I find I am constantly sleep deprived.

Then we have Aldi supermarket’s own version Lacura self heating eye mask. For those of you who may not be aware, Aldi is known for doing some good “knockoffs” of expensive beauty brands but at a fraction of the price. So, in the article, I am going to compare the two together. Let’s see if Space Mask is worth the money. Or if Aldi’s Lacura self heating mask really is cheap and cheerful.

Which one is better?

First up we have the original self heating mask aka Space Mask. I am a huge fan of the brand so I think it is going to be tough to try and convince me a cheaper alternative will be better. I think Space mask is great for anyone that is time poor and has zero time for treatments. After using one your eyes do feel refresh, re-energised and they make your eyes look more awake by reducing the puffiness. The Space Mask self heats super quick as well and you are supposed to leave it on for 15 minute to enjoy the ultimate out of space eye relaxation experience. I always find they last longer than 15 minute so you can actually enjoy the treatment for longer.

Left: Space mask, right: Aldi's Lacura Self Heating Eye Mask

Left: Space mask, right: Aldi’s Lacura Self Heating Eye Mask

Next up, we have the Aldi’s own Lacura self heating mask. How does that compare to Space Mask? Well, firstly I was surprised by how alike they were in terms of the feel of them, putting them on, they actually felt the same to me. However, the self heating isn’t as quick as Space Mask therefore, a much slower experience BUT one thing I don’t like about Space Mask is that it stays rather warm for the entire 15 minutes, to a point where it borderline hot for me and I get sweaty. Whereas Lacura self heating mask heats up gently and you can keep the mask on for 25 minutes. Even after that time, it still feels warm and ok to keep on, quite often I will fall asleep and leave them on overnight.


Is space mask worth the money? Before I go into the conclusion, let’s give you the cost for both. Space Mask cost £16.50 for a box of 5 plus postage on top if you buy them online. Aldi’s Lacura self heating mask is £4.99 for a box of 5 and you can just grab them from one of their stores. Easy peasy, but yes they are not always in stock.

This conclusion is purely based on my own likes and dislikes so other people may have a different opinions to me. I definitely find the self heating property is great for tired eyes too after a long day of work and staring at a computer screen. An absolutely fantastic product for us glasses wearers too when our glasses have been resting on our nose for the day. Based on that fact that, I feel Space Mask heat up so quickly and it stays too warm for my eyes that I actually break out a sweat. Then taking into consideration the cost of them, I think I will have to pick Aldi’s Lacura as the winner for me.

Aldi's Lacura Self Heating Eye Mask

Aldi’s Lacura Self Heating Eye Mask

For far less money I am still getting the same result, my eyes feel rejuvenated, less tired, puffiness is reduced and it keeps my bags at bay. Therefore it is a no brainer to pick the Aldi version as the winner of self heating eye mask. I also loved the fact the Lacura self heating mask heats up gently and for me that feels more enjoyable as I didn’t feel hot and sweaty.

Next time you are in Aldi and you see them around, give them a try. Just to clarify, this isn’t a sponsored post, I have done this post myself because I wanted to share my experience. Rather than always focusing on glasses, I thought it will make a nice change to do a post relating to eye beauty/eyecare. Let’s face it we need to look after our peepers, and not just with glasses.