Contact Lens Implants

Implantable contact lenses, have you heard about them before or do you know anything about them? I haven’t. Following from my previous post on laser eye surgery (based on my personal experience with a consultation I went to), I was fascinated when I heard about implantable contact lenses. Admittedly, it sounds pretty freaky.

For this article, no, I didn’t go for a consultation to find out more. I just did some research online because I don’t even really know where to go. This procedure doesn’t seem as popular as laser eye surgery so there are less adverts for it, I had to search for it to see who would actually do this. It turns out Optical express offer this service but I’ve never seen it advertised. Moorfields hospital offer this procedure too.

Contact lens implants OR Laser Eye Surgery

This idea of having something implanted sounds scary but when I read into a bit more, I think if I really were to have a type of surgery to correct my vision. I might actually pick this one. It sounds less invasive, less painful and less recovery time. Bearing in mind with laser eye surgery, I was only suitable for the most intrusive type of laser eye surgery which I did not like the sound of, whatsoever! Moorfield Hospital have explained the surgery like this:

“During the surgery, either both eyes are treated on the same day, or the second operation typically a week after the first. Anaesthetic and sedatives are administered prior to treatment to ensure you experience minimal discomfort. A small keyhole incision (2-3mm) is then made in the edge of the cornea and the ICL is folded and inserted into the eye through this. Using a special delivery device, the lens implant is correctly positioned behind the iris and unfolds into place.

You may experience some side effects after the procedure, such as blurry vision, sensitivity to light, discomfort of the eyes and glare from lights in the dark, but these are only temporary.Recovery time is fairly short and most patients can see well enough to return to work the day after surgery. You will return for a check-up at Moorfields a few weeks after your surgery”.

Which do you prefer?

To me, that sounds a lot more comfortable compared to laser eye surgery. I also like the fact they don’t make your cornea thinner, give you dry eyes and the procedure is reversible. However, the cost is higher compared to laser eye surgery and if you really were considering having it done, the best thing to do is to go for a consultation to see if you are suitable. Having any type of operation is a big deal and should not be taken lightly, especially when it is something so important like your vision. It is a risk, so I have always been happier wearing glasses or contact lenses.

A girl can dream

Sometimes and just sometimes, I do dream about waking up being able to see everything clearly and wish I can have the convenience of perfect vision so when I take my daughters swimming I don’t need to panic if I forgot my goggles. Swimming pool water going into your eyes, it can cause some pretty serious eye infections which I’d rather not endure. If you are a glasses or contact lens wearer, I am sure you will understand the dilemma I have.