Do you wear glasses on your head?

I am sure 99.9% of glasses or sunglasses wearers must have at some point put them on your head. Who can put their hand up and say they are not guilty of this? Even though I know it isn’t a good idea to do that because it will stretch the temples and over time loosen screws and alter the shape of your frames etc, I am 100% guilty of doing it. If you follow me on social media then you may have seen a few weekends back, I was at my friend’s wedding where I got my sunglasses stuck to my hair. ha!

Why do people wear glasses on their head?

Let’s set the scene. I was at my friend’s wedding, the sun was shining and it really was a real hot summer wedding, I was of course wearing sunglasses (deciding which pair to wear took me ages by the way). I was at the wedding all day and I took the smallest bag in the world because I can since I was children free. So, came the evening, I had nowhere to store my sunnies. Of course I then popped them on my head.

It was all fine until later in the evening and of course there is always someone who wants to take your sunglasses off your head and put them on. That is fine until the nose pad got completely stuck to my hair! Like, they got really stuck, so stuck that my husband had to come and free my hair from the nose pads. ha! I am sure that happens to everyone, It can’t just be me- right? I am sure you all felt my pain, hair style ruined and praying sunglasses were not damaged but yes, if they were, it was 100% self inflicted.

Glasses accessories

So, what solution do I have for this problem? I do normally avoid putting any form of eyewear on my head but I know sometimes there is no other option available. Hooking them onto your top can be dangerous too if you bend down to pick something up. They can fall off so my best solution is actually to get a case that you can hook onto your bag, AnyDi do some really cute glasses cases that you can hook onto your bag or I have seen some eyewear brands such as For Art’s Sake designing an eyewear case where you can add a chain so you can wear it over your shoulder like a cute evening bag. I wish I had one during my friend’s wedding.

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