MGAM Collaborate with FlipBooklets

I bet you are all thinking why on earth is MyGlassesAndMe collaborating with software

I can explain, but first let me tell you a bit more about FlipBooklets.

So this amazing software is probably something I could have massively benefited from back in my fashion PR days. I used to send press releases and look books out to all the different fashion editors via email. They were always in PDF format and it just didn’t look exciting and it is hard to navigate with pages and pages of it.

Don’t just send out a boring PDF

Now, I am working on the editorial side for eyewear, I am the one that gets bombarded with endless press releases and look books, and you know what I am… time poor (being a mum of two so most of the time), I simply do not have the time to sit there and flick through the LONG and pages and pages worth of PDFs. Then, when I came to create my own media kit to send out to brands for collaboration, certainly did not want to just send out a generic PDF or just a boring word document. I am a strong believer in presentation because it gives a good professional first impression to your potential client.

After lots of searching I have come across FlipBooklets which is a new start up company in the UK (love it even more as I like to support start ups). It is the easiest software out there to convert your PDF into a lovely PDF Flip Book that are easy to view for the end user and work so well across all devices. Even if I am on the go, I can still check out press releases and look books. It is literally like flicking pages but virtually.

Presentation is everything

While it isn’t anything brand new as there is other software out there that can do the same job. However, they cost WAY more and it aren’t as easy to use as FlipBooklets. You literally enter a tile, upload your PDF and voilà, it is done. A lovely presentable PDF Flip Book is presented in front of you and works on any device.

I believe this will be a very useful tool for the optical sector because so many brands send me PDFs of look books or press releases with endless amounts of images. I just don’t have the time to scroll through them all, my PR boss used to say to me – all magazine editors are busy people so make their lives easier. So by presenting them with something that is easy to navigate and more engaging to look at, it’s a win!

Give it a go and head over to now and with this collaboration FlipBooklets will be offering all MGAM readers a lifetime 10% discount with code FB-MGAM-10. They’ve also got a free account you can try before committing.

Moving forward, you may even see me doing a few of their social media posts 😉