Slovenian eyewear brand Laibach & York is a brand I am very fond of and a brand I saw back in Opti 2022 which took place in May. The brand is full of statement pieces from shapes to colours. Every pair grabbed my attention so if you want something with the wow factor then this is the brand to check out. I am excited to see they have launch a couple of new styles with some eye-catching colours to go with them.

There are two new styles that has been added to the existing Capital collection, which features frame designs inspired by capital cities around the world. This season pays tribute to Eastern Europe, with the addition of the capitals of Croatian and Czech Republic.

Their new model “Zagreb” is inspired by the capital city of Croatia. A country with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, that boast 1246 islands.

Zagreb, with its proud energy, rich history and magnificent places is in perfect harmony with their new frame design.

Laibach & York style Zagreb

Laibach & York style Zagreb

A bold statement frame, magically balanced for perfect weight distribution. Crystal acetate makes this frame shine in all its glory, as will you when wearing it.

The model “Prague”, which was launched earlier this year, was inspired on the capital city of the Czech Republic.

With its historical sights, this city attracts many people, just as their frame will attract many enviable glances when worn.

This frame design was inspired on Prague’s attractiveness, so if you yourself want to attract some attention, this certainly is the frame for you.

The season is changing and fancy changing your eyewear too then check out Laibach & York yourself.