SEE Summit

This one is more more for those in the optical industry but for any of my consumer readers, you may find it of interest to know what the optical industry is doing about the environmental issues we are currently facing as an industry.

On Monday 3rd October ABDO which is the representative of dispensing opticians in the UK is holding a conference to discuss what businesses within the optical sector are doing to make their business more eco friendly and more sustainable. If you are within the industry yourself then I highly recommend that you sign up and tune in. I certainly will be attending myself because it is a topic I have an interest in and feel it is something we all should try and do to keep our planet in a healthier state.

Learn about sustainability in the optical sector

If you are free on Monday 3rd October (just a few days away) between 7 – 8.30pm then book your place for the conference. It is free to attend and it may give you some ideas on what you can do as a business owner within the sector. Here are some information for you as to what you can expect from the conference.

SEE Summit

SEE Summit

Take part in the event and you can learn:
• what one of the UK’s largest optical business is doing about sustainability
• how to minimise your emissions and carry out carbon footprinting too
• about the latest research into the practice carbon footprint.
You can also listen to an independent practice owner speak about the changes she has been making in her practice, and hear from suppliers representatives about the changes they are making too.

Essential viewing for everyone working in practice
Munish Datta is Director of Sustainability for Specsavers Group. At the See Summit he will discuss Specsavers’ sustainability strategy which is powered by the energy and inspiration from 40,000 colleagues worldwide, our partners, and our 41m customers.
Carbon consultant Thiago Gentile will help everyone at the Summit learn about greenhouse gases and where they come from. In his talk you can discover how your practice could measure and report emissions, how to minimise emissions and offset those you can’t avoid. Thiago will also explain standards and best practice as well as how to communicate your achievements.
There will also be a panel discussion between ABDO’s sustainability campaign lead Antonia Chitty, researcher from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Rosie Hilson, Jayne Abel, Sustainability Lead for the Optical Suppliers Association and Sukie Woodhouse whose practice has the dual accolade of a Gold Award from ABDO’s Thinking Green campaign alongside the Green Mark.

Take part in the SEE Summit and you will also have the chance to ask questions and get advice on how to become more sustainable.