Over the summer holiday, I was on full mummy duty mode meaning I was taking my children out and about providing entertainment and keeping them busy over the six weeks holiday. I was also juggling work. It is safe to say I have been one busy lady. One of the things I took my children to was the upside down house at Lakeside shopping centre.

A Dizzy Experience

I saw the advert flashed up online and thought it looked fun so why not. On the day we got there and after we purchased our tickets, a member of staff warned us that we may feel really dizzy inside the house. Both my husband and I could not understand why she said that but then we walked in and as soon as we walked in, we all felt really odd.

As we were walking around, we all started to feel a bit dizzy and sick. We left after 5 minutes which feels like I have wasted my entry fee. Even for 30minutes after leaving the upside down house, none of us felt ok and we had to just sit down somewhere. It really was a strange experience and I was a bit fascinated to find out why I felt so dizzy.

How our retinas and brain work together

Basically our brain just cannot compute because everything we normally see, images/objects are upside down in our retina and it is then our brain’s job to turn that object the right way up for us. Therefore, in the upside down house everything was already upside down and our brain have to try and understand what is going on. We are so used to seeing the world around us in one way and suddenly seeing it in another way can be a little confusing. Nevertheless, even though I felt a bit sick, it was interesting to learn about our vision and brains. From doing research… if you suffer from vertigo, do not go! The upside down house will make you feel really sick.

On a side note, the organisers and the staff should really inform and warn people before purchasing tickets that this experience may make you feel a bit sick during and a while afterwards. A bit of warning would have been nice especially with my two young children who were not happy about their funny heads as they called it.