Do you wear sunglasses when you drive?

Driving is probably one of the most ordinary things to many people around the world. Whether you drive or not the chances are you have been on some sort of public transport, it could be a bus, tram or a train. Hands up who wears sunglasses or ordinary glasses whilst they drive or sit inside a moving vehicle?

This article was forwarded to me by a friend and it got me thinking. Basically a girl in America lost her right eye during a car accident because her sunglasses lens shattered and it damaged her eye permanently. It’s very sad and scary too because it is something we all do without even thinking about it, wearing our sunglasses on a sunny day while going about our business. It’s very normal.

Glass or plastic lenses?

In the article, it was not clear what brand of sunglasses they were but just to say, I am certainly no lens expert. One thing I do know is, whether the lens is glass or plastic, under a strong impact both materials can shatter and in fact I have also heard things like nose pads and even temples of the glasses causing damage to people’s faces during an accident.

What can be done about it? In regards to the lenses, I think like that girl rightly said in the article, that creating a shatter proof lens is an important step. But in terms of nose pads and temples, they are essential components to any eyewear but maybe we can pick smarter. What I mean is to pick glasses that doesn’t contain nose pads and don’t pick temples that are just an exposed metal to reduce the chance of any damage they can cause to our face.

I wish Hannah Oliver the best of luck with trying to create the shatter proof lens, if there are any lens manufacturers out there reading this that can help, then fantastic. Read Hannah’s full story here to understand what she went through and how amazing she is for not giving up.