Opti 2023 is back!

Finally, Opti is back to it’s original spot in January. Just like how I remember it. A show that always kick starts the new year and a show that I am always looking forward to visiting. Opti 2023 was everything I expected. It was buzzing, had a great atmosphere, busy footfall with so many great brands that I have not seen in person for ages. Basically, it was just amazing seeing the optical sector coming together again.

Opti 2023 MGAM highlights

This year I had the privilege to be part of the The Eyewear Forum (TEF) x Opti 2023 social media take over. I was with Maarten from TEF to talk about all things trends. It was great fun and if you missed it, then follow this link to check it out. We covered a few different trends that I spotted during the show. From matching colour lenses to frames, chunky acetate but shaved down so it adds contours to the frame and finally, cloudy crystal frames – that are not clear but not quite mat either. There are more and we covered some emerging trends too, such as from trash to treasure. Catch up via the Opti social media channels.

TEF Magazine x Opti 2023 social media Take over

TEF Magazine x Opti 2023 social media Take over

Stand out brand from Opti 2023

The stand out brand for me during Opti 2023 has got to be a new brand in Opti box called YOU. Designed by 2 brothers who are both engineers, they have designed a very special hinge that can flip in seconds. This means you can wear both sides of the frame. I guess you can call it a reversible frame where you can wear both sides. I know a lot of optical experts here will argue this concept does not work for optical lens and yes, I challenged the founder too. However, he did bring a good point that the customer can always pop back to their optician if they want to wear the other side. The opticians can help them to pop their lenses in correctly and that way it gives the optician a chance to build a good relationship with their customers. I am sure some experts will think this concept is never going to succeed for optical, but for sunglasses, I think it can be a very unique selling point. 2 frames in 1 and change your look with one flip, sounds like a dream. I wish them the best of luck!

YOU at Opti Box 2023

YOU at Opti Box 2023

Finally, as always I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Opti and it has been a real fun journey to do the Opti take over with TEF. My trip was much shorter this year due to childcare issues so my instagram husband (aka my real husband) had to stay behind. Nevertheless, it has been absolutely fantastic to see all of my optical work colleagues and so many great brands at under one roof.  In case you want to know, here are a few facts from Opti 2023.

Facts on Opti 2023 from the show organiser

  • An increase in visitors of 19.2% compared to the previous year
  • This year, around 15,500 visitors from 67 countries gathered in Opti
  • A total of 307 exhibitors from 28 countries exhibited at Opti

See you at Opti 2024. I’m looking forward to it already.