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I cannot believe this weekend is Mido 2023. It feels like it was only yesterday Mido 2022 took place but in my defence, Mido 2022 took place back in Spring which is later than normal and hence the feeling of the show has come so quickly. It is great to have Mido back in February too because this feels like how life was before the pandemic.

Did you know there will be over 1,000 exhibitors from all over the world – from Germany France, Austria, Spain, Denmark, USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey and even Mauritius! To gather together once again at Mido 2023. All representing different sectors of the optical industry.

What is happening at Mido 2023?

So, what is happening during Mido 2023, what will I be doing during the show and what am I looking forward to seeing? Over the 3 days, as well as loads of awesome eyewear, lenses, contact lenses, machines, accessories and many more things to see, Mido will be running many interesting talks too. These will be with various industry experts and will be covering topics such as styling, interior design for your shop and communication over at the OTTICLUB in Pavilion 3,

On Saturday, the talk I will be most interested in attending will be “Empowering Optical Women Leadership”. This talk is about supporting women through their career path in optics and how to become leaders in their chosen path.

Not forgetting on Sunday there will be an award ceremony over at the fashion district square in pavilion. This is one I am very gutted about missing because on Sunday I will be heading home, it is my youngest daughter’s birthday weekend so I want to be at home.

What Will MyGlassesAndMe be doing during Mido 2023?

I have had the privilege to be invited back to the show once again to cover what is happening during the show and before. I’ll get the chance to see a special press preview of some of the new exciting Italian brands that will be launching at Mido 2023. If you want to see the latest eyewear fashion, trends, what is hot and what is cool then be sure to follow me on social media, on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.