Back in September 2022 Slovenian Eyewear brand Laibach & York launched two new styles to their Capital collection and now they have done the same thing for the new year. So it is a new year, do you fancy a new look? Check out the two new frames Canberra and Sofia.


Their Canberra pays homage to the capital city of Australia.

This bold rectangular cat-eye showcases the daring Australian spirit in a lightweight colourful frame that is sure to be a favourite for optical shops on all continents.

Laibach & York 2023 launch

Laibach & York Canberra


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Sitting at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, Sofia is well known for its mineral springs.

This frame characterises those springs with three glittering colours in a bold feminine frame that epitomizes both elegance and modernity.

Laibach & York Sofia

Laibach & York Sofia

As per usual, the colours from Laibach & York is just simply divine and combined with the boldness of the frame is certainly is a statement piece. If you want to up your 2023 eyewear game then I think a good place to start is to explore the Laibach & York range.