Which Lenses?

Lenses for glasses, it is like a minefield out there because there are so many lens brands with different terms, what the heck is a honeycomb lens? Well, this is what I am going to talk about today.

First of all, it is worth doing your own research on lens brands before committing to getting your glasses glazed up in your prescription because they cost a bomb! Secondly, every optician will have their own preferred lens brand and each will have their own reason. It is down to you as the customer to question that. Does the big name in lens such as Zeiss or Hoya means they are the best? I think the word best, it quite subjective to the wearer and from experience, I certainly feel there are other lens brands out there that may not have the big corporate name tag which offer lenses that are just as good.

What are Honeycomb Lenses?

I am not claiming to be some sort of lens expert because I am not, I am still learning myself. However, I can give you my experience as an optical wearer of over 25 years because I have tried many different brands. Back in 2018, I needed some new glasses and I was intrigued to try Jai Kudo lenses since they were a smaller size lens company and they had something called “honeycomb”. Move forward to present time, I finally needed some new prescription for my glasses and I wanted to revisit Jai Kudo honeycomb lenses again. The reason being is that I had such a good experience with them over the past 5 years and I was interested to see how this lens brand has moved forward with their lens technology.

Jai Kudo honeycomb Lens

Jai Kudo honeycomb Lens

Over the past 5 years Jai Kudo as a company has definitely grown in size, that can only be a good sign. What do I think of the honeycomb lenses? As a wearer and I have been wearing them every day for 2 weeks now, I can say clarity feels sharper than before but has the technology changed? No, not really BUT the application has. That change in application allows the brand to offer this technology in a wider range of their lens designs. It improves the overall end product. I know some of you are probably thinking what is so special about honeycomb lenses and what is the difference between those and a standard lenses? The simple explanation is the honeycomb design allows more light to be distributed evenly from all areas of the lens improving vision and reducing eye fatigue. Hence, why I feel the improved clarity.

The Difference between Honeycomb and Standard Lens

The Jai Kudo honeycomb lens is their better spec of lenses within the company because of the technology used. The good news is the honeycomb lenses come with all the essentials you need from anti-scratch to anti-reflective. While those two things are always on my “must have” list, the honeycomb offers even more. As standard they also come with reduced glare for night driving, reduce fatigue, full UVA and UVB protection, easy to clean AND super hydrophobic layer that can repel water and oil. They are literally the lens of dreams. They’re great for modern day living too where we are constantly on our smart devices or working on our computers. I can put my hands up and say I find my eyes are not as tired as quickly when compared to wearing my other ordinary lenses.

Next time you visit your opticians, find out what lens brands they use and what each brand has to offer because they all offer something a bit different. For some brands, they my charge extra to have a certain coatings. If you’re optician can offer you the Jai Kudo Honeycomb lenses you’re in luck!