Sir Elton John’s bold, colourful, and decorative eyewear choices are no stranger to the world. He is known for his eccentric eyewear on stage and recently during his Yellow Brick Road tour around Brazil. It was reported that he hired an extra room in a hotel just to house his eyewear collection. Now, that is impressive because I don’t think I have enough glasses yet to fill a room up. What a legend!

As of 11/4/23, Elton John Eyewear was launched in Bicester Village, and after that, there will be several pop-up stores popping up across Europe, from Dublin, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, and Cologne.

The range of eyewear on offer is all designed by Sir Elton John himself, all inspired by different stages of his career. There is something there for everyone, enabling the wearer to express themselves. Especially now, in a world where we are constantly being pushed to be something else, it is hard to stay true to ourselves. His eyewear collection will have something for everybody, no matter who you are.

Elton John Eyewear is not just about looking fabulous, but the sales of the glasses will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The vision from Sir Elton John is to end the epidemic by 2030, and by purchasing a pair of frames, we will be helping to make this a reality.

All merchandise and memorabilia will also be available to buy at the pop-ups, so fans can really immerse themselves in his world, life, and legacy of the super rock star.

Check out the Elton John Eyewear website for more information and to view some of the most fabulous eyewear.

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