Frame selection is routinely a question of weighing up the relative benefits of aesthetic desires and fitting requirements. Style trends will come and go while the medical properties of a frame remain.

‘Crystal styles have moved from high fashion into high-street acceptability and attract frame wearers of all ages and personal expression,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK Ltd.

The STEPPER Origin SI-30200 adds to the choice of ‘crystal’ options with a larger eye shape and ‘contemporary-classic’ styling.

Gentle colour variations in attractive pastel hues (grey, coral, blue and green) allow the wearer to match this trend to best suit their skin tone.

The front is constructed from TX5, STEPPER EYEWEAR’s innovative plastic material, which follows the contours of the face, delivers a bridge with a ‘fits-like-a-glove’ wearer experience, allows for day-long comfort through featherweight touch (6.7g) and hypoallergenic benefits. All this, while reducing waste material to less than 1.5% of regular acetate frame production.

Sides feature Titanium which supplies strength, durability, and further weight reductions (over conventional eyewear metals)and hypoallergenic properties.

‘With on-trend looks, colouring to suit, fit, comfort and responsible manufacturing, the benefits of the SI-30200 are clear – crystal clear!’ summarises Peter.

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