Fashion Frames

The trend for larger, squarer shapes has made its way from catwalk to everyday wear, now a common sight on the high street. The great look is both delicate and feminine, with slender rims and sides, while also showy and with a hint of the 1970s. Part of its popularity must be due to this mode transcending ophthalmic and sunglass styles, increasing the attraction of wearing spectacles.

Good looks aside, and to delight the wearer, fashion styles must carry through the requirements of a medical device without compromising aesthetic and functional design attributes. This dual requirement can often become lost in the pursuit of style.

Contemporary Style

‘For the STS-40227 the aesthetic appeal is instantly recognisable,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director of STEPPER UK. ‘At first glance, you see a contemporary frame whose styling is positively trendy, and for many, will be judged on its visual appeal alone.’

STEPPER Style SI - 40227

STEPPER Style SI – 40227

Yet this is a STEPPER Spirit model, which all have an appeal that goes deeper. Its glamorous looks do not hinder its ability to hold lenses perfectly before the eyes of the wearer, as primary design objectives are never traded off. Recognising, and responding to facial shape requirements, implementing ophthalmic design skills and knowledge manifesting in a material with wearer benefits in limiting allergy reaction and lightness are always present in the brand.

‘It’s the ethos of providing good looks that are good for you too, that makes a STEPPER Spirit frame so exciting,’ adds Peter.

The STS-40227 is crafted in Stainless Steel with propionate temple tips, carries a weight of only 10.1g, comes in one size (53-17-140) and three colourways (Rose Gold, Satin Ruby and Satin Black).

‘When you can look good in a style that will make you feel good all day, you’re onto a winner,’ concludes Peter.

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