One flippie, two looks

As I was scrolling through social media (like you do), I came across a reel of Michelle Pfeiffer wearing a pair of sunglasses called Flippies by Warby Parker and of course I had to investigate further. They look practically identical to a start up brand I saw in Opti back in January called YQU. Basically there is no front or back to the glasses because you can wear both sides just by flipping the arms of the frame.

Sounds great, right? From a fashion point of view. It is an absolute ingenious idea because you are getting 2 frames in 1. However,  putting my glasses head on, the idea is not all that fabulous. For sunglasses the idea is ok and kind of works but if prescription lenses are required then it is a disaster zone. Prescription lenses only work one way because of the way they curve. Plain sun lenses are the way forward but the fit will not be as good as it should be and they may well slide off more often.

Photo from Michelle Pfeiffer Instagram

Photo from Michelle Pfeiffer Instagram

To flip or not to flip?

I think if you look at the video Michelle Pfeiffer shared on her Instagram, you can actually tell they were sliding down her nose when she flipped them to black then put them on. At the moment, I personally feel this type of design is more of a gimmick unless you have the right nose and face shape for them, because the design is so flat.

From my understanding these Flippies by WarbyParker are for charity. 100% Of your purchase are donated to a charity called Pupils project, a free vision screening and eye examination for all school age children across the USA.

It is for a good cause and a limited quantity was produced. How do they compare to the YQU I saw at Opti? I can see the hinge design is different and the hinge design on Flippies looks less refined in comparison. Not surprising since the designer of YQU is an engineer, so I can understand why the hinge design was so fine tuned for their frames.

Check out Flippies here and you can check out the Michelle Pfeiffer and Jimmy Fallon instagram pages.

Note: All images are screen shots.