For those who like their eyewear to make more of a statement and who prefer bold styling and detail, the trade-off of this is often increased weight.

‘More frame increases the volume of materials used so increased self-expression comes with reduced comfort,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Limited. ‘But not so with STEPPER EYEWEAR where materials are super-lightweight, the impact is minimised.’

The STEPPER Origin SI-30193 combines TX5 (plastic) with Titanium to deliver a very satisfying form-meets-function conclusion. Compare the weight of this sophisticated design with similar products and its svelte 8.7g is truly impressive.

STEPPER Style SI-30193

STEPPER Style SI-30193

The front utilises STEPPER EYEWEAR’s own TX5 material (25% lighter than commonplace acetate plastic) to create a flowing design, with absolute shape stability over time, that works in harmony with the wearer’s facial contours.

Sides, with Titanium detailing, in an open basket weave design takes inspiration from modern jewellery designs to bring a contemporary sophistication. The open pattern plus the use of super lightweight Titanium minimises weight.

Both the TX5 and Titanium elements also afford strength, durability, flexibility, and hypoallergenic properties.

‘Consider the STEPPER Origin SI-30193 if you want to go high on style in eyewear without impacting on weight. Add to this the demonstrable fit qualities of STEPPER EYEWEAR and you can express yourself in comfort,’ summarises Peter.

STEPPER Origin SI-30193 is available in four colours: Autumn Brown/Gold, Rose/Gold, Blue and Olive.

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