And Just like that we’ve made it to the second series of the show, which is actually a spin-off from Sex and the City. In case you didn’t know, you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. I must admit, I am not loving the show, and I am a die hard Sex and the City fan. The show is definitely missing something i.e. Samatha Jones and now these women who are in their 50s, they seem a bit clueless. Nevertheless, I love the fashion, that is the only reason I am still watching it.

In Episode 6 – Bomb Cyclone, did you see Carrie Bradshaw wearing a rather bright pink glasses when she was by her computer? I am thrilled to see these women confidently rocking glasses in their 50s, defying stereotypes about age. It is totally normal to wear glasses too when you hit a certain age bracket. What makes it even more exciting is that they are not wearing the typical, monotonous frames. They were a vibrant shade of pink, for goodness’ sake! What brand were they? I really cannot answer you because I couldn’t get a good look from that short scene. I want to say Mykita, but I am not 100% sure.

And Just Like That Carrie Bradshaw's Pink Glasses

And Just Like That Carrie Bradshaw’s Pink Glasses

Anyway, you want to get the look? There are many cool independent brands out there that offer something very similar and if you don’t want to go pink, there are other colour options too. Here are some of my faves.

Vibrant Pink glasses by NW77th in style Tanktop.

Brand: NW77th in Style Tanktop

Brand: NW77th Style: Tanktop

Fancy something darker? Try Erkers in Style Velda City.

Brand: Erkers style: VeldaCity

Brand: Erkers style: VeldaCity

This STEPPER Spirit glasses is a great choice too and with lots of other colours to choose from.

Brand STEPPER S Style STS-40210

Brand: STEPPER Spirit Style: STS-40210

Or fancy a lighter pink? We have Alfred Kerbs in Style Calabria Golden Rosy.

Brand: Alfred Kerbs Style: CALABRIA

Brand: Alfred Kerbs Style: CALABRIA Golden Rosy

If different shades of pink is not your thing then I have a couple of brilliant styles but in classic colour ways.

First up we have a rose gold frame by OTIS in style In the Fade.

Brand: OTIS Style: In the Fade

Brand: OTIS Style: In the Fade

Then we have the classic gold by Alfred Kerbs in Style Morning Golden.

Brand: Alfred Kerbs Style: Morning Rosy

Brand: Alfred Kerbs Style: Morning Rosy

Note: This post is not sponsored and the links are not affiliated. Just a bit of fun for my readers.