Industry News- BOLD XXL Optical Show 2023

September is always the start of the optical show season and to kick us off, it is Bold Optical Fair in the Netherlands. This September edition of Bold Optical Fair, the ultimate optical event for the Netherlands and neighbouring regions like Flanders and North Rhine Westphalia, proved to be the hottest show of the year. Not only because of the exceptionally warm weather, but there were a whopping 411 brands that showcased their cutting-edge designs, must-have products, and top-notch services.

The old and massive train factory serves as a captivating industrial backdrop, forming a perfect harmony between design, fashion, and architecture. This historical setting attracted around 2,750 eyecare professionals, hailing not only from The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium but also from countries beyond Europe, including The United States. Featuring a vast and captivating collection of eyewear brands from around the globe, an array of lens and machinery companies, innovative in-store solutions, and cutting-edge software suppliers, this gathering unified all optical suppliers under a single roof. Prepare to be inspired by the myriad of choices and witness the unveiling of the most recent innovations in the industry.

Bold Optical Fair XXL 2023

Bold Optical Fair XXL 2023

“I love going to these shows in different countries, said David Friedfeld, Owner of Clearvision Optical (USA), “because it gives you a flavor of what’s going on as far as the people, culture, and business environment.”

Bold Optical is the HOTTEST show in town

The organizers faced significant challenges due to the unexpectedly hot weather in September, a rarity in The Netherlands. They had to make arrangements for additional ventilation and cold air supply to ensure the comfort of both exhibitors and visitors. Due to unexpectedly large last-minute surge in visitors (1000 more than anticipated), the shuttle buses faced challenges in meeting the high demand, resulting in significant wait times at times.

“We would like to thank our visitors super who, despite the very warm weather, have taken the trouble to visit us en masse,” remarked the organization of Bold Optical Fair. “It was an overwhelming success and in two days we received more than 2750 visitors. We and our participants feel very honored that you have visited Bold XXL.”

The next edition of Bold will take place on 28 & 29 January 2024 in the Werkspoor Cathedral in Utrecht, and is already promising to be “The Coolest place to be in optical!” So make sure not to miss out on this inspirational event.