MGAM Recommends…. Dry Eye Special

Some of you may be aware I am a columnist for NZOptics. This magazine has been specifically created for Ophthalmologists, and I’m sure you’re curious about why I write for them even though it’s not my speciality. Well… I bring my tongue-in-cheek and chatty writing style, which I use on my eyewear, style, and fashion blog, to the magazine.

This month, NZOptics has launched an exclusive dry eye special, expertly curated and edited by Professor Jennifer Craig. Although this topic is not within my field of expertise, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this special edition from the perspective of someone who wears glasses or contact lenses. It contains a wealth of valuable information on how to assist a patient with dry eyes. It addresses a wide range of topics, including children’s dry eyes and how beauty products can also contribute to this issue.

Whether you work in the industry or simply curious about it from a consumer’s perspective, I strongly urge you to have a look. Follow this link and check it out!