In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with buzzwords like the environment, sustainability, and responsibility, all relating to the well-being of our planet. Personally, I strongly believe that each and every one of us should take meaningful actions to preserve our Earth. That is why it is uplifting to learn that companies are also stepping up and playing their part, because as individuals, our efforts can only go so far.

If you work in the optical industry, you surely are familiar with Mondottica. However, if you are a consumer, let me introduce you to this powerhouse. Mondottica is a leading eyewear design house that collaborates with top fashion brands to create stunning eyewear collections and bring them to life.

Mondottica Group joins Sedex

Mondottica recently joined Sedex, the world’s leading organization for responsible sourcing. Sedex empowers companies to implement responsible business practices and policies in their supply chain, promoting responsible supply chains.

Mondottica Group joins Sedex

Mondottica Group joins Sedex

Mondottica is dedicated to being a responsible business, managing their operations and supply chain in a way that safeguards workers, communities and the environment. Joining Sedex supports Mondottica’s established “Doing Good Business” programme. This includes membership of the UN Global Compact and Investors In The Enivronment Bronze Certificate.

How can Sedex help?

Sedex’s technology and services help companies such as Mondottica to source more responsibly. The platform and solutions provided empower companies with the practical tools, data analysis and business insights needed to operate ethically, source sustainably, and work with suppliers to protect people and the environment.

Mondottica will use Sedex technology and data tools to collaborate with our supply chain in more detail, to better understand key ESG areas and indicators and drive positive impacts. I look forward to hearing and seeing more from this because it is a hot topic right now and many optical shows are putting a strong focus in this area too.