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MIDO surpasses conventional standards by adopting cutting-edge technology on its website, aiming to enhance and simplify the experience of every user, ensuring inclusivity for all.

The new website of the international eyewear tradeshow, set to take place at Fiera Milano Rho from 3 to 5 February 2024, is now live in Milan on November 21, 2023. This isn’t merely a visual makeover; it represents a significant transformation, aiming to ensure digital inclusivity, foster active user engagement, and eliminate all forms of discrimination. MIDO, once again, proves to be ahead of its time by innovating its website, almost two years in advance, aligning with the upcoming European legislation. This legislation, known as the European Accessibility Act, mandates digital accessibility starting from June 2025.

Launching a user-friendly website accessible to all stakeholders at the eyewear tradeshow is a significant milestone for MIDO in fostering awareness among industry operators on the importance of digital accessibility and inclusion. This initiative will be accompanied by future technological advancements to facilitate sharing and dissemination.

Less is more layout

“Less is more” defines the essence of the layout. Its design is essential, yet elegant and user-friendly. Once again, MIDO’s creative director, Max Galli, in collaboration with Mixer Group, has successfully crafted a visually appealing and accessible communication campaign. The typography is sleek, understated, and carefully proportioned, never overwhelming the viewer. The website itself pays meticulous attention to detail, prioritizing usability and effortlessly presenting all key information on the initial screens in an intuitive and efficient manner. has developed and implemented a new website focused on enhancing the user experience. By following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2, the site ensures smooth and unhindered navigation for all visitors.

Thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence, individuals with mobility and cognitive disabilities, whether permanent or temporary, can enjoy an optimized browsing experience. The website boasts over 100 customizable features, including speech synthesis, dictionary and suggestion tools, text magnification and spacing adjustments, and color contrast options. Additionally, a specially-designed font for dyslexic users has been implemented to enhance text readability.

Looking ahead

“In its position as the leading global tradeshow dedicated to eyewear, as well as one of Italy’s premier annual events, MIDO continually looks ahead, proactively implementing visionary solutions and pioneering advanced choices. This enables MIDO to present not only present innovations, but also to stay ahead of the curve, foreseeing and interpreting future developments.”