Hey Eyewear Enthusiasts! Ever wondered what it’s like to wear glasses that not only help you see but also make you look like a star? Well, today’s your lucky day because we’re talking about two celebs who’ve absolutely nailed their eyewear game – Kwame Alexander and Ben Affleck.

Kwame Alexander’s Kirk & Kirk: A Fusion of Poetry and Style 📚👓

So, let’s start with Kwame Alexander. You might know him from his Emmy-winning Disney Plus series, “The Crossover,” but did you know he’s got a thing for stylish specs too? He’s collaborated with Kirk & Kirk to create the ‘Haiku Collection.’ Imagine glasses that aren’t just accessories but pieces of art! Each pair comes with a unique haiku, and they’re all about vibrant colors and chic designs. But here’s the twist – they’re super limited edition, with only fifty sets available! Check them out at selected bookstores and opticians if you want to add a poetic touch to your eyewear collection.

Image is a screenshot -Kwame Alexander launching a collaboration with Kirk & Kirk

Image is a screenshot -Kwame Alexander launching a collaboration with Kirk & Kirk

Ben Affleck’s Sleek and Sophisticated Blackfin Choice 🌟🕶️

Moving on to Hollywood’s own Ben Affleck. This actor isn’t just about blockbuster hits; he’s also about making a statement with his sunglasses. Recently, he’s been seen wearing Blackfin, known for their sleek and modern design. While the exact model he rocked isn’t clear, Affleck’s choice highlights his impeccable taste in fashion.

Getty Image supplied via the press release.

Getty Image supplied via the Blackfin press release.

Where to Find These Celebrity-Inspired Frames 👀🛍️

Craving to get these celeb looks? For the literary chic of Kwame Alexander’s Haiku Collection, visit select bookstores, independent opticians or of course online. And for a taste of Ben Affleck’s Blackfin style, take a look at their website for stockist info and more . Remember, it’s all about choosing frames that elevate your style and give you that star-like confidence.

Closing Thoughts: Make Your Glasses More Than Just an Accessory 🌈✨

In the end, it’s not just about seeing well; it’s about feeling great in your glasses. Whether you’re a book lover like Kwame Alexander or a movie buff like Ben Affleck, your eyewear can be a reflection of your personality and style. So why not choose glasses that make you feel like a star?