Golden Globe Celeb Eyewear Style

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards were a spectacle of style wasn’t it, and guess what? Eyewear emerged as the accessory du jour if you ask me. Let’s dive into how glasses shone on the red carpet shall we!

Pedro Pascal: A Vision in Oliver Peoples

Pedro Pascal of “The Last of Us” fame wasn’t just about suave Bottega Veneta; his Oliver Peoples glasses added that dash of urbane flair. These glasses were more than just eyewear; they were a statement of refined elegance.

Image credit: From Oliver Peoples Instgram

Image credit: From Oliver Peoples Instgram

Billie Eilish’s Edgy Twist with Oliver Peoples

Billie Eilish, always the trendsetter, paired her avant-garde Willy Chavarria outfit with Oliver Peoples glasses, creating an ensemble that was both edgy and chic. Her look was an ode to those who dare to be different.

Image credit: From JustJared

Image credit: From JustJared

Get the look

Feeling inspired? Whether it’s a glam event or a day out, stylish glasses can elevate your look. Remember, the right pair of glasses can transform your style narrative, your vibe and your mood.

Visit the Oliver Peoples website for more options if you want to achieve the same look. It’s not unusual for celebrities to wear custom-made frames for the red carpet, so if you can’t find the exact same pair, that’s why. Another tip to consider is that sometimes sunglasses styles can be converted into optical frames, and vice versa.

The 2024 Golden Globes proved that eyewear is not just functional but a crucial element of fashion. It’s time to see glasses as a key accessory in your style arsenal. Stay stylish, and let your glasses do the talking!

Photo credit: Header image from Huffingtonpost, Pedro Pasca image from Oliver People Instgram and Billie Elish image from JustJared.