STEPPER Spirit Style STS-30070

As a pioneer in eyewear technology, STEPPER EYEWEAR designs frames that prioritise proper lens positioning and aim to boost the wearer’s confidence.

‘Be your style classic, understated or fashionable there is a STEPPER EYEWEAR frame to meet your vision correction needs and your personal style wants,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK.

The STS-30070 belongs to the STEPPER Spirit brand family, which stands out for its adventurous, contemporary style and colour options. The STEPPER Spirit frames are a perfect choice for individuals who seek eyewear that makes a statement without sacrificing all-day comfort.

The latest design amalgamates the hi-tech injection moulded TX5 front combined with Stainless Steel sides in an anatomically designed and stable form that is also lightweight and hypoallergenic.

The STS-30070 presents the newest eyewear fashion trends, prioritising comfort and designed for a secure, snug fit. Through meticulous attention to design and construction, we guarantee that our eyewear remains comfortable on the face all day, providing the wearer with seamless harmony with their vision.
STS-30070 is available in three colours; matt crystal/black, matt grey/black and black, eyesize 52.15 and weighs just 9.1g.

You can check out the STEPPER Spirit range right here.

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