Opti 2024 To Do List…

Just 2 days left until the international trade show for optics & design begins in Munich! With the motto #WEAREopti, countless cutting-edge innovations and trends in the optical world are waiting to be explored. Curious about what to see, try, experience, and take away? Here are our top ten tips for the upcoming opti.

With your list in hand, embark on an exciting journey of exploration through four expansive exhibition halls, spanning an impressive 44,000 square meters of exhibition space. Delve into the irresistible offerings and immersive programs presented by approximately 390 exhibitors! These invaluable tips will ensure you are well-prepared for your visit to the Munich exhibition grounds on Friday, January 12, 2024 (opti continues until Sunday, January 14, 2024). Prepare yourself for a captivating adventure as you navigate through these four magnificent exhibition halls, discover an array of enticing offerings from the diverse exhibitors, and partake in an extensive supporting program that awaits your exploration!

Tip 1: Meet people, make new contacts, find experts, recruit employees!

Connect with the key suppliers and ensure the schedule is confirmed via opti Connect. Seek valuable insights and knowledge from different marketing groups such as ZVA and Erfa. Allow for impromptu discussions in the vibrant environment of the Yes Lounge in Hall C1, the trendy opti BOX BAR in Hall C2, or the exciting new opti RUNWAY BAR in Hall C3. Moreover, explore networking opportunities at the brand-new opti CAREER HUB in C3. Pro tip: Secure one of the coveted appointments for an opti SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTATION. – it’s worth booking in good time via the website!

Tip 2: What is brand new?

Explore industry partners and opti BOXES in Hall C2 to discover at least three new suppliers. Don’t forget to visit the opti OPTICS START-UP area in Hall C3. Make time for expert presentations at the opti MYOPIA HUB and opti SUSTAINABILITY HUB. Get ahead with cutting-edge trends at the new opti TREND HUB “Eye like Future” and experience the latest technology firsthand. Engage in discussions about the pioneering TRENDRADAR by opti, making its debut at opti 2024, with your colleagues. And of course, don’t miss the opportunity to wander through all the inspiring halls, from C1 to C4. Enhance your experience by reserving a curated tour in advance, either focusing on ophthalmic optics with eptitop GmbH or exploring independent eyewear brands with Karin Stehr.

Tip 3: Truffle search for frames

Exclusive insider tips (shh, it’s a secret!) from Hall C1 to Hall C3. Who will be the winner of the 3rd Opti Box Award among the Secret Stars of frame design? Don’t miss the date: Saturday, January 13th, 2024, at 2:30 pm, for the first-ever award ceremony in C3.551 at the new Opti Trend Hub.

Tip 4: Rediscover the contact lens as a focal point & iris artwork!

Make appointments with contact lens, care product, and machine manufacturers through opti Connect at Hall C4, as the demand for lenses is continuously increasing! Don’t miss the iris photography sessions at booth C4.341 from Friday to Sunday, starting at 10 a.m. daily. The intricate image processing results in stunning and unique iris artworks. It’s a fascinatingly beautiful souvenir to bring home or to your store!

Tip 5: Myopia management – focus or expand?

Do thorough research in Hall C4 and make sure all employees are involved. Attend presentations by speakers at the opti MYOPIA HUB powered by HOYA with best cases from international research.

Tip 6: Friday, 12 January 2024, 3 p.m., Hall C4

In the world of optics, sustainability is the ultimate game-changer. Witness the grand debut of the first-ever opti SUSTAINABILITY AWARD! Brace yourself for the exhilarating battle between the three extraordinary finalists vying for the prestigious trophy. The jury passionately declares, “Every innovative idea shared is a triumph not only for individuals but for the entire industry.” With each passing moment, anticipation mounts, heightening the atmosphere of excitement.

Tip 7: Friday, 12 January, starting 7 pm: Party at the opti party!

Join the exhilarating #WEAREopti party for a night of dancing to awesome DJ beats until 10 pm, or mingle at the vibrant stand parties hosted by your favorite suppliers. Be a part of the action and make a statement! And make sure not to miss out on the enchanting stand parties the following evening – they are truly unforgettable!

Tip 8: Become part of the #WEAREopti campaign

By the way, have you seen the amazing new #WEAREopti photo wall at the entrance area in the northwest? If you’re a part of the optical industry, now is your chance to be a model for the second part of the creative opti campaign. Simply share your snapshots on social media with the hashtags #ICHBINopti or #IAMopti. The legendary photographer, Martin Bauendahl, is excited and prepared to capture unforgettable shots with the newest faces. Everyone is invited, so don’t miss out!

Tip 9: Finding jobs and employees, promoting young talent and good deeds in optics

Employers seeking to enhance their appeal and jobseekers in search of thrilling job opportunities can connect at speed networking events, job board interactions, or during career pitches. The opti CAREER HUB at stand C3.361 will provide valuable insights, HR presentations, panel discussions on HR marketing, and much more. For those eager to expand their skills and advance their careers, opti CAMPUS provides further training and opportunities for young talent to thrive and grow.

Extra tip for budding opticians: Participate now in the Oculus competition “The future of the eye – on the trail of knowledge” and discover new perspectives for your professional future. Only the participants can win! Almost next door, at opti CHARITY on stand C4.530: discover social aid initiatives focused on providing optical care worldwide: “There is no greater good than taking action!” The most effective approach is through support!

Tip 10: Go home with a full agenda

Make sure to have at least 10, and ideally 20 or more, new contacts. Also, gather lots of new information, ideas, and plans on your notebook or smartphone. When you’re home, put those impulses and ideas into action. On Monday, discuss them with your team. Don’t forget: make a note of the upcomung opti tradeshow from 31 January – 2 February 2025

And what else is the industry looking forward to?

  • opti TALK already on the U2 underground line to the trade fair centre
  • Never to arrive at your planned destination in the four opti halls C1 to C4 – because there are simpoly too many nice chance encounters waiting for you along the way
  • Amazing insights on the various stages
  • Curiosity about all kinds of creative ideas from the exhibitor teams
  • Try it out, try it out, try it out
  • People who beam at you from afar
  • Good humour as far as the eye can see (with or without visual aids)
  • Just let yourself drift
  • Enjoy from the quiet zones
  • “Have you heard …?”
  • Dance, dance, dance
  • The special moments even after the trade show closes… We know that you know…
  • After opti is before opti 😉