Opti 2024 Start up Zone

At Opti 2024, we are excited to offer newcomers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact. We’re taking it up a notch with the introduction of our cutting-edge OPTICS START-UP AREA in Hall C3. This exclusive space is designed to showcase the innovative optical products and services of aspiring young start-ups. It’s the second start-up area we’re introducing, alongside the well-received Opti Boxes for new frame designs.

Cathleen Kabashi, opti Exhibition Director, enthusiastically shares, “We are thrilled to provide an ideal platform for young companies in the ophthalmic optics sector to showcase their creativity and connect with the international optics and design community.”

Expanding Networks, Boosting Visibility, and Driving Progress

Imagine the potential! The OPTICS START-UP AREA, strategically located in Hall C3, offers unparalleled networking opportunities and a solid industry foothold. Its prime spot, directly across from the Runway Bar (a central meeting point at Opti), makes it highly sought after. As part of the new “Innovation Area” and adjacent to the Opti Trend Hub, it creates the perfect environment for visionary minds to come together and engage in meaningful discussions about the industry’s future.

The OPTICS START-UP AREA is open to all newcomers with a business model related to any of the following opti-relevant focus topics:

Eyewear Trends: Covering all products in ophthalmic optics.
Health: Encompassing visual comfort, screenings, hearing acoustics, and more.
Vision Care Trends: From lenses to care products.
Sales & PoS and myopia management
Education/Knowledge/Career, as well as digitalization and technology
Among the companies already secured in this space are Clear-Eye-Systems GmbH, Entod Research Cell UK Ltd, ClipOn Optimiertes Sehen GmbH, Lenzbox GmbH, and optihook.

Newcomers need not worry about the high costs of setting up a booth. The opti My Business package is available at a highly competitive price, offering the perfect platform for a successful launch. These newcomers play a crucial role in driving industry development and entering new and promising markets. Opti is committed to providing easy access to the international optical community.