I wear both glasses and contact lenses because it suits me. I find contact lenses are especially handy during sports activities. I’m not brave enough to undergo laser eye surgery, so contact lenses are the best option for me. Interestingly, I recently discovered some amazing ways to save money on contact lenses, thanks to a collaboration with Lenspricer. They shared some insider tips that I had never heard of before. I was surprised to learn that there is even a price comparison website for contact lenses. It’s incredible how you can discover something new every day!

Everyone is on a tight budget right now, but we don’t have to give up on our vision. Lenspricer has provided MGAM readers with 6 tips on how contact lens wearers can save money.

Learn how to save money on contact lenses

Lenspricer 6 best tips to save money on contact lenses (Developed in collaboration with Lenspricer)

The new year has just begun, and for many, last year’s holiday season took a toll on the savings. A great way to start the new year is to look through the budgets and find extra money that could be saved – today, we’re going to give you 6 concrete tips for how you can save money on your contacts.

Savvy Savings: 6 Smart Ways to Cut Costs on Contact Lenses

Savvy Savings: 6 Smart Ways to Cut Costs on Contact Lenses

1. Switching from Dailies to Monthlies Contact lenses

Switching from daily contacts to monthly contacts can greatly reduce your cost on contacts. Normal daily contacts (not considering astigmatism/presbyopia) cost between £16 and £60 per month, while monthly contacts cost between £5 and £15 per month. If you’re using the expensive dailies at £60 per month, and switch to the expensive monthlies at £15 per month, you’re saving £500+ per year. That’s a huge saving.

2. Exploring Different Contact Lens Models

There are 100+ different models of contact lenses, each with their unique strengths. Some will fit your eyes, and some won’t. But with each model there’s also a price tag attached – switching from an expensive brand to a cheaper brand may reduce your costs substantially. You can ask your optometrist to try some different models, and if you find a cheaper one that is still comfortable to wear, then it’s a win-win.

3. Balancing Contact Lens Use with Glasses

A very simple tip that can cut back on your contact lens cost is simply to use your glasses 2 days every week. This could be on the weekends, or days where you’re working from home if that’s an option for you. This tip saves you money, but also allows your eyes to relax a bit from the strain of wearing contact lenses – which could improve your eye health in the long run. If you use glasses 2 days every week, that’s 8 days per month where you don’t use any contacts – this corresponds to a saving of around 25%.

4. Seeking Rebates and Discounts from Your Optician

On some occasions, your optician might be able to provide you with a rebate for your contact lenses. This can be a great way to get some of the contact lens cost back. You can also ask them if they have any current discounts/offers available, which can also bring down the cost of your contact lenses. When you get a rebate, you will often have to submit a form on the contact lens manufacturers website. After doing this, you will get an amount back, typically between £10 and £50, depending on your model and which rebate campaigns are currently running.

5. Buying Contact Lenses Online: Convenience and Savings

If you are often on the go, and don’t have a preference for a specific optician, you could consider buying your contact lenses online. Buying contact lenses online can often save you money on specific models, however, you will miss out on the perks of buying directly from your optician. When you have a subscription with your optician, you often get discounts on glasses, and free check-ups, which can also save you some money in the long run. If you decide to buy contact lenses online, you should check prices from different online vendors, though, as some online stores can be quite expensive. Comparing prices between different stores brings us to our next and final tip.

6. Utilising Contact Lens Price Comparison Websites

If you’re buying contacts online, it make sense to shop around to ensure you’re buying from the cheapest place – it’s the exact same contact lens you’re getting, so you may as well buy them at the lowest possible price.

To easily find the cheapest price online, you can use a contact lens price comparison website like Lenspricer.co.uk. Lenspricer collects prices from virtually all online stores, and compares the price across different packaging sizes, so that you can easily see what the absolute cheapest option would be for your specific brand.

To see the cheapest price for your contacts, simply search for your contact lens model on Lenspricer’s website, and you will be able to find the cheapest price. Different stores have different prices, and it’s often not the same store that is the cheapest for all contacts, so make sure to check for your specific brand.

If you’re not from the UK, you can still use the price comparison service as it’s available in 30 countries – simply select your country in the top right corner, and you will see local prices for your country. E.g. if you’re from the US, you can compare contact lens prices using Lenspricer.com.

We hope these tips gave you some inspiration for how you can start saving money on your contact lenses. Actually, we have one final tip up our sleeves – switch to glasses! They are much cheaper than contacts, and with a good pair of glasses, they can last for years, and who doesn’t like a nice pair of glasses?

Note: This blog post is a collaboration with Lenspricer, so not all the words are by MGAM. The links go to the Lenspricer website and MGAM does not receive any kickback.