Introducing the STEPPER Spirit STS-30013: The Epitome of Ultralight Fashion Frames

The STEPPER Spirit STS-30013 sets a new standard in the eyewear fashion industry. It combines the latest trends with exceptional comfort, making it a standout choice in fashion eyewear. This frame is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good with every wear.

Feather-Light Design for Supreme Comfort

Weighing just 7 grams, the ultralight STEPPER Spirit STS-30013 is designed for those who value comfort alongside style. Its lightweight nature allows for prolonged wear without the typical discomfort associated with heavier frames, ensuring you can express your style without compromise.

Advanced Materials for Durability and Comfort

At the core of the STEPPER Spirit STS-30013 is the innovative use of TX5—a cutting-edge injection moulding technology—and high-quality Stainless Steel. This blend not only enhances the frame’s durability and strength but also offers a hypoallergenic benefit, making it ideal for wearers with sensitive skin.

A Word from the Experts

Peter Reeve, Managing Director of STEPPER UK, emphasises the unique approach of the brand, “With frames like the STEPPER Spirit STS-30013, we are pushing the boundaries of what fashion eyewear can be. Our focus on advanced materials and precision craftsmanship allows us to deliver products that not only set trends but also prioritise comfort and fit.”

Prioritising Fit Alongside Fashion

Unlike many fashion frames that focus solely on aesthetics, STEPPER EYEWEAR is committed to the fit and comfort of its wearers. Properly fitted eyewear not only improves comfort but also enhances visual performance, ensuring that style and functionality go hand in hand.

Why Choose STEPPER Spirit STS-30013?

The Ultralight STS-30013 model exemplifies STEPPER EYEWEAR’s dedication to providing eyewear solutions that do not sacrifice style for comfort. With its sleek design, lightweight feel, and skin-friendly materials, this frame is perfect for fashion-forward individuals looking for both style and comfort.

Available Colour Options

Choose from three elegant colours to match your style: Crystal, Olive, and Ocean. Each option reflects a commitment to aesthetic appeal and can complement a wide range of personal styles and preferences.

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