Selena Gomez in Etnia Barcelona at Cannes

As the Cannes Film Festival unfolded in spectacular fashion, all eyes were on the celebrities and their dazzling choices of attire and accessories. Among them, Selena Gomez stood out, not just for her impeccable style but for her choice of eyewear—Etnia Barcelona’s AMPAT WH sunglasses from their SS24 collection.

Selena Gomez wears Etnia Barcelona: A Celeb Favorite

Barcelona, the vibrant heart of fashion and culture, is also home to Etnia Barcelona, a brand celebrated for its unique approach to eyewear. Known for their bold designs and innovative technology, Etnia Barcelona continues to attract a stylish, discerning clientele, including celebrities like Selena Gomez. With a staggering following of over 420 million on Instagram, Selena’s choice of accessories inevitably sets trends and captures attention.

Why Selena’s Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses Stood Out

At Cannes, Selena’s choice—the AMPAT WH model—was particularly striking. These sunglasses feature a color-block acetate design in pristine white, making them not just another accessory but a statement piece. The slightly cat-eyed shape gives them a timeless appeal, while the playful pink details on the temples embody the distinctive flair that Etnia Barcelona is known for.

Not Just About Style

However, these sunglasses are not all about style without substance. They are equipped with the latest in lens technology, boasting mineral glass lenses with a high-definition filter that enhances visual clarity and intensifies contrasts. This technology not only offers a superior visual experience but also includes treatments that protect against reflections, scratches, and fingerprints, ensuring that the sunglasses are both functional and durable.

Get the Celeb Look

If Selena’s chic look at Cannes has inspired you, Etnia Barcelona’s AMPAT WH sunglasses are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. They’re available online and at selected opticians. Embrace the blend of modern design and classic elegance that Etnia Barcelona offers and make a statement this summer just like Selena!