Bird Eyewear, a pioneering UK-based company, has recently teamed up with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to introduce two innovative performance frames. These frames are not only a testament to Bird Eyewear’s dedication to sustainable fashion but also bolster their commitment to wildlife conservation.

The Puffin Frame: A Style with a Cause

The first of these unique creations, the Puffin frame, is inspired by and dedicated to protecting the charismatic Puffin, which is currently facing a dramatic decline- 90% population decline within the next 30 years. With the UK hosting a significant fraction of the global Puffin population, this frame is designed to mirror the bird’s striking black, white, and orange plumage, turning it into a piece that’s as stylish as it is meaningful.

WWF Puffin Sunglasses

WWF Puffin Sunglasses

The Swift Frame: Speed and Style

On the other hand, the Swift frame, developed in collaboration with the RSPB, seeks to support one of the UK’s most distinctively silhouetted birds. The Swift, known for its remarkable speed and agility in flight, has been suffering from habitat loss and reduced breeding success. This frame captures the essence of the Swift’s sleek and dynamic form, embodying the urgency of conserving these incredible birds.

RSPB Swift Frame

RSPB Swift Frame

Innovative Materials and Advanced Technology

Both frames are crafted using a revolutionary plant-based material that ensures each piece is not only lightweight and durable but also free from fossil fuels. Enhanced with Bird’s Activ-Adjust core technology, these glasses promise a customisable fit that remains comfortable all day. Moreover, the frames are equipped with hydrophobic anti-glare lenses that not only enhance visual clarity and colour but also offer superior UVA protection.

A Commitment to Conservation

Ed Bird, the founder of Bird Eyewear, emphasises, “We aim to blend style with sustainability, creating eyewear that supports important conservation efforts while also looking great. Our collaborations with WWF and RSPB exemplify this commitment, allowing us to help protect these magnificent birds through our eco-conscious and fashionable sunglasses.”

Join the Conservation Effort

For every pair of Swift and Puffin frames sold, Bird Eyewear will donate a portion of the proceeds to WWF and RSPB, respectively, aiding in the vital conservation work needed to protect these species. These sunglasses offer customers not just exceptional style and eye protection but also a chance to contribute positively to environmental conservation efforts.

Discover these exclusive designs and join Bird Eyewear’s mission to safeguard our planet’s wildlife by visiting Here, you can explore and purchase the Swift and Puffin sunglasses, and step into a world where fashion meets the frontier of ecological preservation.

For more information, here is a link to WWF on Puffin and here is a link to RSPB on Swift.

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