Those who are based in the UK, I think you can all agree this summer so far hasn’t been great. We are all craving a little sunshine, and I am sure some people have already booked that holiday to get some sun. Whether you would like some holiday sunglasses inspiration or just to update your sunglasses’ wardrobe, I wanted to share with you the new AM New Order collection.

Celebrating 20 years in the eyewear industry, AM Eyewear unveils the New Order collection, drawing inspiration from the Brit Rock era of the early 2000s. This latest lineup blends sophisticated modern designs with a nostalgic edge, perfect for eyewear lovers and new fans alike. I am absolutely in love with style Frankie in watermelon and Dom in the stripy pattern.

Sophisticated Designs with a Rock’n’Roll Twist

Founder Simon Ponnusamy captures the electrifying essence of Brit Rock in the New Order collection. “Each frame carries the elegance and rebellion of Brit Rock, updated with modern tones and materials,” says Simon. The collection pays homage to New Order’s iconic 2001 album “Get Ready,” mirroring its impact on fashion with vibrant, contemporary eyewear styles.

Frankie in Watermelon

Frankie in Watermelon

Bridging Generations through Timeless Eyewear

From its flagship store in Sydney to global recognition, AM Eyewear connects with audiences across generations. The New Order collection, according to Simon, “is heritage for longtime fans and fresh for new audiences.” It celebrates the brand’s longevity and ongoing relevance in the fashion world.

Innovative and Sustainable Style

The collection features eight new sunglasses styles and ten optical designs, showcasing a young modern aesthetic with sustainable practices. Frames are crafted from Italian-made bio-acetate and include high-quality ZEISS sun lenses in colours like Brit Green and Rust Red. The sunglasses also boast sustainable features, like lenses made from bio-based materials that reduce environmental impact.

Style Dom

Style Dom

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Fashion

AM Eyewear continues to prioritise sustainability, incorporating ZEISS Sunlens Sustainable Polyamide in their lenses, which are crafted from agricultural and wood industry waste. This approach significantly cuts the carbon footprint, underscoring the brand’s commitment to eco-conscious fashion.

Explore the New Order collection by AM Eyewear and experience a blend of heritage and innovation that celebrates two decades of style and sustainability. Visit their website to discover eyewear that’s as good for the planet as it is stylish.