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Up to 50 individual components hold each pair of glasses together. From enchanting lacquer inlays and elaborate d_cor on side pieces to precious gemstones _ every CAZAL model is uniquely distinguished by a character all of its own.

Our latest hinges are even tested with 50,000 motions to ensure their strength and suitability. Only components that pass such stringent testing are good enough for CAZAL.

Our designers invest 6,000 working hours in the development of colours to create colour shades to follow the latest trends. The use of widely differing colouring techniques guarantees that every pair of glasses has its own unmistakeable look.

Every year, our development department suggests 1,800 colour variations for our innovative models.The best 240 of these enter the market.

150 different types of lenses for use in our frames are kept on stock. They are divided into demonstration and sun lenses. These differ in their gradation, material, strength, base, colour and filter category.

0 litres of wastewater are produced in our electroplating processes. Our electroplating system operates in a closed water cycle. The cleaned water is constantly processed and returned to the cycle. This ensures that filtered raw materials are recycled and that any toxic substances produced are disposed of in an environmentally correct manner without any impact on the public wastewater system.

CAZAL fans can purchase our glasses in 70 countries around the world. From Australia to Canada. Design, as far as the eye can see.

A pair of glasses by CAZAL passes throug 35 individual processes on the way from its basic form to a painstakingly assembled premium model. Each phase of the process is meticulously checked by our specialists to achieve the ultimate quality of our finished products.

60 new models are released every year whereof 80 % are made of titanium. Experienced specialists manufacture each model with absolute precision and with a lot of love for the detail.

1210 CAZAL models have been released since the founding of the brand.

The No. 1 in the Hip-Hop scene. Run D.M.C. _ the godfathers of the Hip-Hop-revolution _ were an eye-catching band not only because of their music but also because of their glasses by CAZAL. Our 607 in particular transformed cool into super-cool. Even Hollywood greats like Al Pacino and Brad Pitt were unable to resist the charm of CAZAL. A trend that continues unbroken to the present day.

So far, 14 Vintage styles of CAZAL models from 1975-1985 have been relaunched.

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