It’s holiday time!!!!

Ok, so I am still awake and due to get up in about 3hours to get to the airport ontime for my flight to Madrid. I have a feeling I am going to need some seriously big oversized sunglasses to cover those dark circles up.

Today has been a bit crazy with all the mad dash last minute buying for the hoilday, such as toileteries and flip flops. YES! Flip flops- I have actually forgot I have thrown away my cheap pair and I am only left with the really amazingly beautiful ones that are not that comfy to wear for walking. By the way don’t ever try to find flip flops to buy toward the end of August because it was pretty much an impossible task. Anyway on that note I really must sleep and sorry guys no photos of me in glasses today because I didn’t wear any. I simply did not have the time to pick a pair to go with my outfit so I just opted for the contact lense option. I will blog when ever I can while on holiday 🙂