The MGAM Glasses Guide!

Ok readers, this is the guide you have been asking for! The MGAM Glasses Guide has been created to help you to pick the right frames for your face shape. This general glasses guide has a few core rules that should work but I mean if it doesn’t then don’t shoot me please because, as always, there are some exceptions to the rules. The advice in the glasses guide is based on just some of the things I have learnt throughout my years of working in fashion & eyewear combined. Now I am going to share it with you all. Are you ready?

In general within the fashion industry we always talk about the 4 classic face shapes which are heart, oval, round and square however if we do want to get REALLY technical about it then there are 9 face shapes- yes that is correct NINE! There are rectangle, rounded rectangle, circle, square, an upside down triangle, triangle, diamond, oval and heart. Phew… that was a mouthful.

So which category do you fall into?

Here is the MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Rectangle” Face Shape

The "Rectangle" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Rectangle” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

If your face is fairly long with straight lines and your chin appears almost flat then your face will be classed as a rectangle. Since this face shape is quite angular the thing to avoid is adding more angles! So stay WELL clear of square/rectangle shapes or anything angular! Instead look out for frames with curves that are more rounded rather than squared. Go for bigger shapes to break up the long face. This rule does apply to both male and female.

The “Oblong” Face Shape

The "Oblong" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Oblong” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

This face shape is practically identical to the one above but the one key thing to look out for is the four corners. The four corners will be rounded and your hairline may sit higher up so for us ladies we can grow a fringe so immediately the face will appear smaller. As for gents, go for a hair style that will cover most of your forehead so none of these slicked back hairdo’s I’m afraid! With this face shape you can add angles but go for something that sits being the same width as your ears.  It creates the illusion of them being wider and therefore balances out the oblang shape face.

The “Circle” Face Shape

The "Circle" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Circle” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

A very self-explanatory face shape and when ever I try to explain this shape to anyone I always say “think of an orange”. This face shape is quite petit and round so it is best to avoid round frames especially those round retro style frames which are everywhere at the mo, sorry! Instead add another shape to your face by wearing angular frames.   Avoid big shapes because that will make your face appear to be even smaller. However avoid frames with harsh angles, wear angular shape that are rounded at the edges to soften them otherwise you will look like an orange that has been sliced into pieces. A classic style such as the cateye frame could work well here.

The “Square” Face Shape

The "Square" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Square” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

Another self-explanatory face shape, again this face shape will appear to be petit but  basically the opposite to the circle face shape. The key here is to wear frames that are not too big so stay clear of the giant frames that could make your face look smaller. Wear frames that have more curves than straight lines. It doesn’t have to be a round shape frame and of course avoid anything that is a square or rectangular it will just look wrong.

 The “Upside Down Triangle” Face Shape

The "Upside Down Triangle" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Upside Down Triangle” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

With this face shape a lot of people do tend to get it mixed up with the heart shape due to the point around the chin area. However, I can assure you there is a difference between them. The point of your chin is actually much sharper and it starts to go down to a point higher up from your cheekbones.  Also, your forehead will appear a lot wider compared to the chin. For the ladies a good way to hide that is to grow a fringe. As for picking glasses, the best thing to do is to pick shapes with curves; this doesn’t necessary mean round shapes because you can get square shaped frames that are created using soft curves. Avoid aviator styles and the cateye style like the plague!

The “Triangle” Face Shape

The "Triangle" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Triangle” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

This face shape does not mean you have a pointed head so don’t panic but it does mean you have a wide chin that may appear almost flat and it may also mean the chin is not very defined. One good way to balance this out is to wear glasses that are long but fairly small so almost like a long rectangle. Avoid big shapes but something like the cateye style could work quite well here.

The “Diamond” Face Shape

The "Diamond" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Diamond” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

This shape is fairly hard to spot but one thing to look out for is the define cheekbone, pointed chin along with a forehead that appear long. If you have this face shape then you should find most glasses shape would actually be suitable for you. I think the key here would be to avoid long thin rectangle glasses because it will draw too much attention to the cheeks and your face will appear to be imbalanced. Also do not go for anything that appears to square.

The “Oval” Face Shape

The "Oval" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Oval” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

This is a fairly common face shape and to spot this shape is easy. Chin and forehead are rounded and in similar shape with the middle part of your face is practically the same width as your chin and forehead. This face shape is perfect for square and rectangular glasses; basically anything angular will work but avoid anything that is rounded because you don’t want to look like Mr Potato Head.

The “Heart” Face Shape


The "Heart" Face Shape - MGAM Glasses Guide

The “Heart” Face Shape – MGAM Glasses Guide

Heart shape is fairly easy to spot, pointed chin with a wider top half of the face with a hairline that dips slightly in the middle of your forehead. The best thing to do here is to take the attention away from the pointed chin so avoid any glasses that are in an inverted triangle shape even if they are rounded it will still elongate your face. Best thing to do is go for a slightly more rounded shape and think curves. Certain rectangular shapes could work too but make sure all the lines and edges are slightly rounded with curves otherwise the top part of your face could end up looking too wide. Stick with larger frames too.

There we have it peeps, the MGAM glasses guide.  I hope the images are clear and help to demonstrate what I mean! Of course they are just the basic general rules to glasses buying and rules can be broken! I have always believed the best thing to do when buying a new pair of glasses is to try them on! However I do hope this glasses guide has helped you to narrow down the shapes when searching through hundreds of glasses.  It is hard to know where to start sometimes!

Once you get the shape right then you can look at what material they are made out of. However, you do tend to find metal frames may only produce certain shaped frames and I know for sure rimless frames do usually tend to stick to certain shapes- for an example you will never see a giant round shape frame in rimless because it just doesn’t work. Plastic & Acetate frames are probably your best bet with the most choice of frame shapes to chose from.

Finally I hope you will enjoy the next time you buy a new frame and if you ever need any advice then do drop us an email!  Also take a photo and send it to us, we will be more than happy to help!